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Welcome to The Heart of the Matter!

Welcome to The Heart of the Matter!

We are happy that you made it here and look forward to sharing experiences and stories about healing and wellness with you. There may be many reasons why you ended up here but, we hope that you stay to hear stories from people that are practicing different forms of healing and wellness in their lives. We also hope stick around to share your own.

We believe that you deserve to have the best possible experience of life that you can have. We want to help you on that journey. We believe this is the most important work that you, or any of us, can be doing. Change starts from within. If you seek to make a better life, or a better world, the place to begin is with yourself.

We created The Heart of the Matter to help you find tools, support, and new ways of viewing life to improve your well being. At the end of the day, if you are not well then creating a life that reflects the wellness you seek to create will be difficult. Through learning to love ourselves better, and more fully, we can then bring that into our lives, and the world, to improve our experiences.

Life can be difficult at times. Taking care of ourselves amidst that difficulty can be even more challenging - where do we start and how do we even make time when there are so many priorities pulling us in different directions? Personal challenges can be daunting and overwhelming at times. In addition, the world can be chaotic and full of conflict. It can be challenging to understand how to respond or know what to do to improve our wellness or even keep our heads above water.

Life can be a mixed bag - tragedy, beauty, hurt, joy, betrayal, and ambivalence are common human experiences. Sometimes, the challenges in life come from how we have learned to respond to some of the more stressful and distressing experiences that can, and do, occur. This can make difficult situations even more difficult. It’s not always easy to know what to do or how to move forward.

Life can be a daunting experience for us all and it’s unpredictability can keep us on our toes if we are not mindful. Learning to be more connected and authentic in our lives is a direct reflection of how connected we are with ourselves. Many of us, though, have learned to connect with ourselves and others from a world that is fragmented and disconnected. This, in many ways, will just reinforce the challenges we experience making it more difficult to find a sense of peace and balance in our lives.

Sometimes, change and the process of personal-evolution can be elusive. This can leave us confronting challenges that don’t seem to go away or re-creating scenarios in our life that do not honor our needs. With The Heart of the Matter, we hope to introduce you to people in the community working to heal themselves and others. People that have done, and are doing, the work to heal and grow. Through focusing on different processes and practices for healing, we hope that you will find something that will benefit your healing, growth, and wellness.

We’ve been there and done that. And, we are still doing it everyday. Healing is a daily process. It’s a way of being with ourselves. It’s a way of being. It’s about getting real with ourselves about how we feel, what’s working, and what’s making things worse. It’s about identifying and honoring our needs in order to cultivate fulfillment, meaning, and joy on a daily basis.

Sickness, death, loss, and grief, are very real components of living a human life regardless of your background or station in life. Learning to develop the skills to navigate through difficulty can transform what were once overwhelming and impossible situations into fertile soil for growing into our highest possible selves.

We have learned to grow through our own unique challenges and have witnessed the healing journey of many others. Healing, and growing, is not a one size fits all process. We are all different with different needs. Our hope is that through having conversations about the different healing journeys people go through you may be exposed to new, and novel, ways of engaging in your life. The payoff is that the other side of healing is where happiness and fulfillment wait in abundance.

We hope you will stick around, listen to our episodes, and spread the word. Leave us comments to let us know what you like or don’t like so we can do more of the things that are helpful. Make sure to subscribe so you can stay up to date with any new episodes are information we release.

You can expect bi-weekly episodes to release on Monday’s. We will occasionally add additional information we think can be helpful in your process through our blog. You can connect with us at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube. We hope to hear from you and hope we can help you in your journey.

This is our official soft-launch and you can expect things to change over the next few months as we calibrate our process and content creation. We hope you will participate in that process with us so we can get better at bring you stories and content that help you improve your process and well-being.

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